Recording vocals in FL Studio 20 with Focusrite Scarlett and setting up your vocal chain

Part I

Planning to record vocals?

Do you need to do record vocals in FL Studio 20? Did you make your first song? Is the situation that you don´t have a sound card or you are planning to get one. No problems! I got you covered.

In this step-to-step -tutorial -post I´m using Focusrite Scarlett. You can see it in action in this Armi Eliza´s YouTube -video: Vocal chain in FL Studio 20

— Arm your sound card–

Start your FL Studio 20 vocal recording session by arming your sound card. I use Focusrite Scarlett. Put the sound cards power on and set mic cable and mic together. Remember to see that the INSTR button is out in the Scarlett´s front panel when you record vocals. If you record instruments, then the button is pushed in.

Put the mic cable in the Scarlet mic insert 1. The open up your FL Studio 20 and load up your project or new, where you want to record your vocals.

–Link your audio device = Sound card to FL Studio–

Hoover your mouse to open the OPTIONS -menu in upper list > Go to AUDIO -settings > Choose your sound card by hoovering the mouse to the dark menu on the right side of “Device” -text and click the little grey play -button. My sound card is Focusrite Scarlett, so I choose it.

–Route your microphone to your vocals -channel–

Clicking the wanted channel.

Go to the mixer

Go to the mixer by clicking the mixer icon in FL Studio 20 or click shortcut button F9 with your mouse to the channel you want to record. Click the channel so it lids – then it´s active.

Then to FX Recording -tab

Go after that to that channels “Effect slot” (chain) what you find from the right or the left side. Choose there your mic input by clicking the “Pre/Post FX recording” – tab.

“Pre/Post FX recording” – tab in the picture.

Click to the grey triangle.

Now the input -list opens up. My mic is connected into channel 1, so I choose “Input 1” from the list by hoovering over it and clicking it.

Choosing “Input 1”.

Check your levels in your sound card

Then sing a little and set up the gain level from your Focusrite Scarlett -sound card. You have to do it without clipping. You see it by watching if the red light flashes in the Focusrite Scarlett´s gain nob. Green is good, red is not.

OK, This is was it. Blog -post continues later. Stay tuned. Comment if you have something to ask, I´m happy to help.


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