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Spotify Master – 10 tips for you musician

In this article you find 10 useful tips to tame Spotify if you are a musician or an artist.

Tip 1 Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists – get the user ID – you´ll have them straight via Spotify, but if you´ll publish via Distro Kid or CDBaby, you may also create user ID via them.

Go to Spotify for Artists:

Tip 2 Get pictures
Armi Eliza´s profile picture in Spotify
Armi ja Katja

You need pictures to your Spotify profile. If you don´t have promo pictures ready, book a photo shoot. Don´t use photos taken by phone, because their resolution is not large enough. Unless it is your intention and you want your image to be earthy and shabby chic.

Tip 3 Write a bio

Write a bio to your Spotify profile. Tell about your music, your genre and what it is that motivates you to make your music. And it is good to add your social media channels, too.

Tip 4 Get a real website (for ex. WordPress)

Make you get yourself made a proper website and add a Spotify “Follow”-button. When your fan is following you on Spotify, an email message is sent everytime you publish new music.

Tip 5 Market Spotify -music at social media

Market your Spotify-music at social media, for ex. at Facebook, Messenger or Twitter. There is a good tool at Spotify to share your songs and your profile.

Tip 6 Songs with other artists

Create and publish a song together with another artist – you´ll be able to advertise it to each other´s channels and to each other´s fans- you´ll both gain from it.

Tip 7 Prepare publishing early

When you are publishing music, you have a chance to propose one song to Spotify playlist. Prepare your actions early enough.

Your new song has to be available for Spotify at least 7 days before it will be published. Otherwise it does not make its way to the common Spotify playlist.

Tip 8 Collect emails

When you are touring or having a gig, collect emails. When you´ll publish new music, you can use your email-data (with their approval) and tell your fans that you are making new music.

Tip 9 Make your own playlist

Create a playlist an add there from your own genre both your own music and music from other artists. Here down below  we have a song that Armi has made. A beautiful song for relaxation, chilling out, background music for your work or for stretching exercise.

Tip 10 Playlist Swap

Do things together with other indie-artists or artists from your genre. Take their music to your playlist and ask them to do the same for you -> Win-Win -situation.

If you have an idea for a song or some other idea to make music together, please contact us by using the contact-formula or by using Facebook. We will be all ears.

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